Nightlife in Granada

Nightclubs in Granada: An Insider’s guide

Afrodisia – reggae funky soul, this place is kicking from midnight till about 3:30, from were the crowd will usually move in a big group down the street to Boogah. Entrance will be free or €4 with drink included. Very reasonably priced and good place to shake that booty.

Booga – this place doesn’t get going until the other bars close, arriving before 4am may give you the impression that not many people like this place, but once it gets going, it gets going. With large dance floor, and two bars, this is definitely one of Granada best nightclubs in the centre of the city. Closes around 7. Cover charges vary depending on the night usually from €4 – €7. Beer €3 Mixed drinks €7

 nightlife-in-granadaCalle Pedro Antonio de Alarcon –This street and the surrounds are packed with all types of bars, from the small cheap rocker bars, to more swanky after office hang outs to the old school tapas bars.

Pedro Antonio is most famous among the student crowd, for the main reason that it fulfils the 3bs, Bueno, Barato and Bonito, (Casual, cheap and Comfortable) ok the last one may not be so true but it definitely is cheap, Pints of beer or tinto de verano can be found from just €2. It is also famous for the Chupeterías where shots are usually €1 or less. For indie music our pick would be Playmobil, grungy decor, loud music cheap beer, great local atmosphere. But once out and about around Pedro Antonio there are numerous bars and nightclubs to choose from.

Vogue – locally pronounced Bohgay (can cause confusion with Boogah, but very different in style), this place attracts a great mix of students both local and international during the week. Friday and Saturdays tend to be a younger crowd and they like to fill it. Not for the clausterphobic.

Wednesday-night-in-GranadaGranada Diez – This renovated cinema has undoubtedly the best location in Granada, between Gran Via and Calle Elvira, it is hard to miss. But you will pay for the location and the settings.   A very vibrant student crowd during the week, many promotions available, particularly aimed at Erasmus. Wednesday free drink between certain hours. Weekends also attract an energetic student crowd (high school students that is)

Mae West – Catering for a slightly older crowd. So big a venue it is quite easy to get lost. Located in the Neptuno shopping centre, this place is a little off the beaten track for the tourists passing through, but really is like an adult’s playground, various levels and rooms catering for all tastes.

EntreSuelo – definitely one of the most chilled out venues in Granada, best known for its reggae and ska, has large bar as you come in which leads to dark dancefloor at the back.

Something a little heavier:

Sala el Tren – Drum and Base, techno, dub step. This place prides itself on being dark, a little out of the city centre, but if this is your scene it is well worth the taxi fare to take you there.

Kopera Industrial – This place hosts some top Spanish and international DJ’s check the web for upcoming events.

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