Letter to the Editor

We all love to get complimentary letters.

This one is from Nicole DeMelo (September 2010)


Dear Granada Insider,


As a third year university student studying on exchange at the University of Granada, I was delighted to come across the Granda Insider,  a magazine that helps to orientate the native English speaker in a city where one can quite literally feel lost in translation. My name is Nicole de Melo and I am a Canadian citizen with a hunger for exploring the world.

It is for this reason that I am here in Granda, with the aspiration to deepen my knowledge of the spanish language and to further discover the marvels and traditions of the Andalusian culture, all while meeting new people from around the world.

In a city with such incredible historical, linguistic, and cultural diversity, it is merely impossible for one to to discover Granada’s many hidden treasures on their own. However, thanks to the Granada Insider, Granada’s English speaking population is one step closer to truly experiencing all that this fascinating city has to offer.

Nicole de Melo

Author: Mark

Mark spent a number of years living in Spain and more recently in London he is now back in his home town of Dublin, where he is a website designer and blogger amongst a number of other professional and social interests. He runs his own website design agency and digital consultancy - Digial Chief, drop him a line mark@digitalchief.ie or check out the site: Digital Chief

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