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Insider Lingo your guide to finding a place to live in Granada.

While flat-hunting in English we might be looking for a place that fulfils the 3 Cs (Clean, Comfortable and Cheap) here in Granada it is all about the 3 Bs (Bueno, Bonito y Barato)

While we cannot guarantee you will find your dream apartment for your stay here in Granada, we can offer you a few words and phrases that may make things a little easier as you begin your search.

The Basics:

Vivienda – Home or place to live.

Piso en Alquiler – Flat or apartment to rent

Piso / casa en venta – Flat / house for sale

Compartir piso /Alquilar habitación – Flat share / bedroom to rent

Busco piso – Apartment wanted

Vendo Piso – Apartment for sale

Companero/a de piso – flatmate

Alojamiento – accomodation

Fianza – deposit (sometimes required, sometimes not. It is common to pay one month’s rent as a deposit)


Descriptions within the advertisements:

Gastos incluido o aparte (luz, agua, calefacción, comunidad, wi-fi)

Gastos = expenses / bills. Incluido (good, all included) o aparte (rent does not include bills). Typical gastos are: (electricity {luz} water, heating, community/service charges). Gastos in a shared apartment in Granada tend to range from €30 – 50 per month.

Habitacion: soleada / amueblada / luminosa. – Bedroom is sunny / furnished / bright

Amplio salón y cocina – Large living room and kitchen.

Bien comunicada – Well connected (transport etc.)

Cama de matrimonio – Double bed

No Fumadora – Non Smoker

Electrodomesticos – Lavadero / Secadora / Horno / Nevera / Lavavajillas – Electrical appliances – Washing machine / Dryer / Oven / Fridge / Dishwasher

Exterior – bedroom faces the street or a garden.

Interior – can sometimes mean has a window to an internal courtyard, or sometimes no window at all.

Donde está ubicado? Where is it located

Usually a street name will be given, but sometimes you might see: Alcampo / Hipercor / Mercadona – 3 of the bigger supermarkets around Granada often used for giving directions. Alcampo is close to the main bus station. Hipercor is close to Camino de Ronda on Calle arabial. Mercadona, can be a little more confusing as there are more than one, further directions required.

Typical Granadino-

Photos of Granada in Springtime


Un piso que mola – A cool flat!

Buen piso y buen royo (rollo) – good flat and good vibes.

Ambiente tranquilo – Relaxed atmosphere.

Insider word of warning. Flats sometimes differ in reality from their internet descriptions, be sure to go and see the place for yourself first and speak with both the landlord and your new flatmates.

Where to begin your search, check out Loquo or Mundo Anuncios now called OLX



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